Healthcare app development.

A scalable healthcare app development requires industry-specific expertise. The market for health care apps is expected to grow to $59 billion by 2020. The wide acceptance of apps has been a boon to the healthcare industry, both for the patients and healthcare providers, by creating an interface to communicate an easier way to tackle most challenges.

Healthcare App Development Approach.

According to a report, more than 52% patients use smart phones to access their prescriptions, diagnostic details and other health information, but a user returns to a service only when he has a good user experience and foresees benefits from its continued usage. The need of the hour is to direct patients towards the best healthcare services, along with transparency and real-time responses.
User-centric Healthcare App Development.
The USP of our company is our ability to create a superior user experience. Our healthcare apps help in engaging a large user base of patients in many ways to provide the best user-end experience. This includes a wide range of services from scheduling appointments and online consultations to assisting patients to organize prescriptions, get access to diagnostic reports and monitor their progress and recovery. Patients can also keep track of their bill records. Additionally, they are notified by the service provider about any variation in their health status. Features like patient gateway, health monitoring and lifestyle tracking can keep the apps users engaged with the healthcare app services.
Use of Healthcare Mobile app to Collect Data.
Mobile apps in the healthcare industry have gained an appreciable amount of acceptance by people, who otherwise neglected their ailments due to their hectic schedules. 74% of hospitals that use mobile devices to collect healthcare data are more efficient than those that don’t. The widespread usage of mobile healthcare apps has resulted in a greater demand for the service, and due to the plethora of services it offers at both ends, its acceptance is continuously increasing. We, at OraxTech, have expertise in healthcare mobile app development and are equipped to provide you with the best services.
Facilitate Smoother Interaction with Patients.
Equip your organization with a tool that brings about a positive change in work processes. By allowing direct patient engagement and proper coordination with colleagues, our healthcare apps will provide you with the best work experience. Additionally, online consultations and prioritization of patients, would bring an increased efficiency in catering to the needs of patients and facilitate a smoother interaction between the user and the service provider.
Choose OraxTech for Healthcare App Development.
At OraxTech, we see mobile applications as a tool that can change the way the market functions. Our efficient team, uses a focused approach and innovative designs, leaving no stone unturned to help you gather a huge market base. They have hands-on experience in creating a wide array of healthcare solutions. In the constantly changing scenario, we at OraxTech are fully equipped to cater to all your development needs, and to provide you with healthcare apps that provide a rich experience to both ends, helping to justify your investment.

Let’s create your success story.